Frequently Asked Questions

Whey Protein is a collection of globular proteins isolated from whey, a by-product of cheese that is manufactured from cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk has two forms of protein: Casein (80% of the milk) and Whey Protein (20% of the milk). Whey Protein is generally of higher quality than Casein, and is far more soluble in liquids, hence its use as a dietary supplement.

Whey Protein is a natural and high-quality source of Protein. Protein is one of the most important components in our daily diets. Protein serves the following functions:

• Contains essential and non-essential amino acids that are vital for healthy bodies; Amino acids, in particular Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers

• -Rapidly repairs cells and muscles in the body, allowing for faster recovery from stress (exercise)

• Major source of energy for the body

• Aids the metabolic system

The body can only synthesize the non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids can only be obtained from food that is of high protein content. The amount required varies from person to person.
Protein daily requirements vary from person to person due to differences in age, size, weight, gender and lifestyle.

The Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) according to the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand is 50g of Protein based on the standard 2000 calorific intake per day.
We recommend consulting your physician or a nutritionist for a more precise and personal recommendation regarding your protein requirements.

Please check out our Products page for nutritional information of each of our products.

Having Whey Protein is an important step to take when it comes to losing weight. Studies have shown that individuals who exercise regularly with a diet high in leucine (an essential amino acid which is also a BCAA) have a faster recovery time from exercise and a higher metabolic rate, allowing them to burn fat and calories faster than individuals who exercise regularly but have a standard diet.
Whey Protein can be a meal replacement due to its pure quality protein content as well as lack of fat, but we recommend having a balanced diet with other nutrients, with Whey as a supplement.
Other forms of Protein (such as those derived from food) vary in the following aspects:

• number and type of essential and non-essential amino acids provided

• fat content

• taste

• purity

• ability to be digested by the body

Having Whey Protein to supplement your diet will always be helpful in increasing Protein and decreasing Fat, even if you already have a high-protein diet.

Although these are common forms of food with Protein, they also may have negative components such as cholesterol, high calorie content and fat. Whey Protein, when compared on a gram-to-gram basis with these other foods, has a higher Protein content, no fat and cholesterol, and fewer calories. It also contains more essential and non-essential amino acids.

Whey Protein mixes and dissolves in liquids and is easily and rapidly broken down by the body, giving you an instant source of amino acids. This is very important for athletes or those who exercise, as the body needs to recover from physical stress, and the faster you can recover, the more effective your workout plans will be.

Whey Protein is also an ingredient in baby formulas because it is so rapidly and easily digested.

Yes, Whey Protein is a fantastic choice for Vegetarians as it is a dairy product, and can be used as a substitute for meat.
For those not allergic to milk, studies have shown that there are no short or long-term side effects from the consumption of Whey Protein.

As it is a dairy product, those who are lactose intolerant should consult their physician before consuming Whey Protein products.

Some of the constituents of Whey such as Alpha-Lactalbumin are actually present in breast milk, making Whey Protein one of the safest and healthiest ingredients for children and infants who are not allergic to milk. Whey Protein is a common ingredient in baby formulas because it is such a good source of Protein for infants.

Pregnant women are advised to consult their physicians before having Whey Protein to ensure that it is appropriate or recommended for them

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