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Our Story

Lead under   ATHIVE LIFE Company Limited which is the country's leading manufacturer & distributor of health & sports supplements.

Proflex Whey was the brainchild of the group businessmen with decades of experience in the food and diary industry.

We are the first manufacturer & distributor of US imported whey protein in Thailand. We have operated for over 15 years now.

All our products have ethically been registered and approved by Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our whey protein products are conveniently placed at over 6000+ locations at pharmacies and gyms nationwide, and we are constantly growing.

We source high quality ingredients to create innovative flavors to provide options for consumers to enjoy under the proflex range.

Recommend new product sixty plus 60+  Health supplement

"Plus + your health even better with 60 plus"

Eating on a daily basis contributes

- Strengthens and repairs muscles by whey isolates up to 26g. And Potassium.

- Immune vitamins such as A, C, E Zinc, Iron, Magnessium.

- Nourish the brain from vitamins B3,6,12, Folate.

- Benefit to ligaments, joints and bones because it contains Collagen Type II, Calcium, Vitamin D, K.